Sapphire Breeze is the demigod child of Reegan Breeze and a God (to be revealed when it happens during her story, (Olympus' Heroes: The Death Hunters). She was born on 24th of July, 1999. She lives in New York with her mother in a beach house with a view of the sky, the sun as it rises and sets and the ocean.


She has curly brown hair usually tied into a pony tail over her should, with a medium long fringe going diagonly accros her forehead. She has sea green eyes and is very pretty (though she doesn't care about being pretty). She likes wearing jeans and a t-shirt accompinied with white trainers and, most of the time her bagpack. 


Sapphire is very caring for her friends and her loved ones. She goes to any extent on trying to protect them from harm. This is her fatal flaw. She is described as being easy going and calm with a lot of respect and manners for those who deserve it.

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