Chapter One: A Normal-ish Day...Edit

On a normal Friday afternoon in New York, children are excited about going home to their fammilies for the weekend. It was no different to Sapphire Breeze. She sat there in History class next to Ronald Rily, her best friend.

History class wasn't very special: a rectangular room with a teacher desk piled high with books and coffe mugs with an ancient computer next to it. The teacher, Mr Midlife stood next to his electronic white board lecturing the class on the Trojan war for the thirty-second time this week. Fun. The class was arranged into five rows with five extremely bored students on each one. Sapphire wasn't bored though, she seemed like the only alive person in the room apart from Mr Midlife.

Twenty minutes later, the bell for the end of the day rang and Mr Midlife dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

I guess I should tell you what Sapphire looks like. Well, Sapphire has curly, light-brown hair tied into a pony tail over he shoulder and a neatly trimmed fringe diagonally over her face. Her eyes were a deep sea green. She wore a simple blue jacker with jeans and trainers.

Some people have no respect for history ... Sapphire thought. She picked up her bright green bag pack and slung it over her shoulder. She got up and walked out with a "Thanks, sir." 

New York is busy during the day, so she cut through her favourite area: the beach. She got out from school, crossed the road and took a right to La Strada beach. She also passed a candy shop on the way home. Bonus! She walked through the doors for a quick snack on the way home. Her favourioute cashier, Sally Jackson had recently stopped working there to go to college. She made awesome blue candy, as well. She walked up to the counter and saw someone she hadn't seen here before. A man in tattered clothes with sandles and a big brown hat shadowing his face. This guy's a customer? Sapphire thought

She broke the ice with "Umm."

The man turned slightly, regarding her presence.

"Sorry to bother you, but do you know if anyone is working here?" As soon as she said it, she knew that there was no-one else here. She got a nod.

"Okay. I'll just go." She began to turn but that's when horror struck her: the man turned around with black eyes. Literally just black pupils. He smiled a toothy grin ... but that was enough. Sapphire ran like all the other kids would if Mr Midlife starting talking about the process of which the Vikings invaded England. 

She sprinted all the way back to her house: a lovely white-brick house two stories big with windows doors and a garden. Best of all, you could see the bay through the windows. A gift from Dad, Sapphire thought ... before he vanished. With that pleasent thought, she fished her key from her bag pack and put it in the door. Click.' She pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Chapter Two: The Nightmare of Demonic People Edit

"Hey, Mum," Sapphire said loudly as she entered into their living room. "I'm home." Sapphire's living room had two brown sofas and wooden floor, a TV and a book shelf next to the horizontal windows stretching across the front wall. Great for spying on neighbours. Sapphire's Mum, (or Reegan), ran down the stairs like a summer breeze. She wore three-quater length jeans and giant sandles. Her top was light green with the words "Awesome Mum" on the front. She sprouted sapphire earings what were torches in dark places. Her blonde shoulder-length hair wipped around in movie slo-motion style in the breeze coming in nicely from the open windows.

"Hai, sweety. How'd school go?" She took my bagpack off my shoulders and began searching through it.

"Fine, thanks ..." Sappphire new Mom could tell if something was wong in her voice. She did not need her to worry about some crazy man is ripped clothes and eyes. She did the clever thing and played it off as if there was a fly there.

"Ahh! Stupid fly!" She smacked the wall and starterd throwing her arms arond until her mother said:

"Honey, there's nothing there. Long day, eh?" She fished out Sapphire's pat lunch. "Hm. Need another one of these. I'll put it on my list ..." She marched away towards their white-tiled kitchen what had everything a kitchen would need, really. A grill a kettle, tables and even chairs! It had it all. Even a fridge and, just for the laughs ... a mini fridge! 

Sapphire loved this house. But she was a few days away from being fourteen. She couldn't help but think something big should have happened to her but it hadn't. She pushed that thought away and put on a brave face. Mum had began teaching Greek history lessons ever since she got a phone call last year. Sapphire thought it was from her dad (her Mum began to cry during it). It was time to ask her why she got these lessons all the time. Would you try to teach a child with ADHD and Dyslexia? Last night had been about Sirens: women who apparently looked like vultures (don't ask me how she found that out. She her Dad had told her before he left), who led sailors to their death. Being near the ocean, it wasn't very pleasent. Still, she felt safe here. Safe was good.

After a long day and learning all about Cychreides, a dragon/serpent thing who rampaged on Salamis until it was caught by Eurylochus who then gave it to Demeter, the Greek Goddes of agriculture ... Sapphire wanted to sleep so badly. She curled up in bed and drifted off into a deep sleep. 

It would have been nice apart from the nightmares:

She was sat at the back with her best friend, Ronald Rily. Ronald was quite tall, sun kissed skin and had nice, blond-ish hair. Not exactly the sterotypical person to be bullied, right? Anyway, everyone in the room was throwing blue candy at us while Mr Midlife was tied to his chair by thick bronze chains. In his place as a teacher was the creepy dude from the candy shop ... along with his creepy eyes was glowed bright green in the class room. He spoke, showing his horrible teeth. He spoke in a language only Ronald and her could understand as everyone else gasped as we replied. He threw back his head and laughed. It sounded as if the earth was shaking as the ground split open and the nightmare got worse. 

In a dark cave by a huge abyss sat three old ladies with glowing golden eyes. They were huddles around electric blue yarn. One had some creepy scissors while the other two were holding the yarn very carefully. The old ladies looked strong and powerful, but they seemed to be trying to resist some invisible force what kept them in place. 

Chapter Three: Things get Crabby Edit

Sapphire woke up to the smell of well-done toast and a salty sea breeze creeping in from the windows. She slipped out of bed walrus-style and slid her feet into her cozy pink slippers. She marched over to the mirror on the landing and examined her face. Almost fourteen and no spots, Sapphire though to herself. After walking down the stairs she said good morning to her Mum and they had a brief conversation about school and what Sapphire will be doing in the soon-to-come Summer holidays.

"Probably some summer camp."

"Again? Don't you want a change? It may be boring. You don't want a boring summer, do you honey?"

Little did Sapphire or her Mum know: the up-coming summer will not be boring in any way.

Sapphire walked out of her house and waved goodbye to her Mum. She was in normal school clothes: jeans, a t-shirt; and some trainers. Her bagpack was slung over her shoulders. Normal day. Normal day so far. After about five minutes of walking down streets she knocked on Ronald's door. He must've been waiting for her, too because he shot out with a bright smile on his face. 

"Hai, early bird. Get much sleep?" Sapphire said as they began walking down to the bus stop. 

"Not really. I like sleeping until the some comes up. When it does ... I can't get back to sleep. It's crazy. Haven't I told you this before?" He replied, ending the sentence with a blinding grin. Ronald has Dyslexia and ADHD too. That's how we first met, Sapphire thought.' In their primary school, Sapphire and Ronald had met in their schools' learning support centre. They'd been friends ever since they'd attempted to play scrabble with each other. Aah, memories. 

They got to the bus stop. Unlike most things in this area of New York, the thing was a mess: it was sprayed with graffiti and most of the glass was cracked or not even there. They sat down next a guy who looked in his twneties: he sprouted a wispy goatee with hazel brown eyes and curly dark brown hair. His skin was fairly dark, Caucasian, probably. He looked like he was good for running but a terrible walker (Sapphire got this as he was constantly moving his legs and feet). We sat there for quite a bit until the man took a big sniff. Like a dog. Strange. It would be normal if he had some sort of nazel spray. But he didn't. His eyes just widened in terror.

"Hello. My name is uhhh ..." He kicked his foot on the ground rapidly, "uhhh, Grover. Yep, that's me. Hello." 

In normal circumstances this would be ok: some guy introduces himself and acts strangely. Fine. But given the circumstances and that I just met some strange dude with black puils it was not ok. I hope Ronald could tell from my hesitation I wasn't sure what to do.

"Umm, hello. I'm Ronald and this is Sapphire."

"Nice to meet you."

"You too. Can I sit near you guys on the coach?"

My mother warned me of these kinds of people. Creepy. I just said no. Well, I think anyone would have done that, too. Would you? Well, anyway. Then the dude started to get crazy.

"Oh, please! I need to protect you. People are going to get you!"

"Dude, you're crazy!" I screamed. 

Luckily some guy who looked like he was in his twenties strolled past. He wore a jacket shorts and a pair of black sunglasses so you couldn't see his eyes.

"HELP! This man is crazy! Help us!"

He turned. "Oh, that's okay. I'll make the strange man go away ..." he paused, smiled. Grover stiffled a gasp and then ... bleated. Like a Goat. Seriously. "... AND THEN YOU!" He finished be pointing to me and Ronald. Two crazy people ... in one day. Great. He man took off his sunglasses revealing black pupils. Then something crazy happened:

The mans' handers turned a faint grey and the fingers began joining together into pincers. His feet also became grey and the grey covered the man entirely. The legs split into six and became crab legs. Then his body grew and ripped his clothes so he was a giant crab.

Grover kicked off his shoes revealing hooves. He then shouted, "RUN!" Sapphire did not need telling twice but we had to help this poor hoose feeted crazy man. Then it hit Sapphire almost as much as a pincer hit Grover: Grover was a satyr. Half goat and half human. Nature lovers. The man was something different ... Karkinos, the crab that battled alongside the Hydra to try and defeat Heracles. But how had Hercules killed such a beast. There was no time to discuss this had two teenagers swerved up: a blonde-haired girl who looked about 16 with gray eyes. Next to her sat a boy with dark brown hair, sea green eyes like Sapphire's. "Get in!" They shouted in unison.

Chapter Four: Showered in Crabs' guts? CHECK! Edit

"Annabeth, how do we kill it?" The boy shouted jumping out of the car and reaching into his pocket to pull out a ballpoint pen. He uncapped it and it turned into a sword. The girl, Annabeth said "Heracles kicked it hard enough into the sky. Got any idea on how we can do that, Percy?" Annabeth and Percy ... monster hunters? It made no sense to me, but Sapphire knew that she had to help these people.

"Can you get in the car, please? We need to get you to camp!" Screamed Annabeth with an air of urgency. Me and Ronald went into the back of the car only to find two big duffle bags with the words PROPERTY OF CAMP HALF BLOOD on the front. Sapphire looked at Ronald and he looked at me: they understood what was in here, (weapons) and what we had to do with said weapons. By the time we unzipped it Annabeth (who was wielding a knife) and Percy (who was wielding his sword) had crashed into the wall supporting the bus stop and toppled into an alley.

In the bag there was a lot of weapons: swords, knives, bows and arrows; and even a laptop with the symbol of Daedalus on the front (not a weapon, but that seemed cool for that brief moment). Ronald fished around and got the bow and arrow. Like I said, earlier: Ronald is good at that stuff. I'm quite good at it but Ronald is awesome at it Sapphire thought. I fished around and found a shining curved knife. Sapphire grabbed it, unsheated it and charged in.

The satyr, Grover had got out reed pipes and started playing a song what sounded like thriller on them. The weeds what surrounded the brick walls and stone floor seemed to sproute vines and wrap around Karkinos. 

"Ronald, hit it!" Sapphire screamed running in and carefully weaving out of claw strikes. Sapphire had never been so grateful for being the last one standing on dodgeball.

"His armour is strong. Can you flip it over or expose its belly?" Ronald replied.

"Wait, what part of "Stay in the car!" Don't you understand?!" Annabeth screamed. She wanted us safe. But Sapphire knew herself. She knew she could not stand still. ADHD, absolutely. Karkinos tumbled into another street lined with fire hydrants.

"Hang on ... expose it's belly? I have a better idea. Annabeth ... Sapphire? Ronald? Lure it over to those two fire hydrants!" Percy shouted over a swice through some chitin. Nothing helped, of course. 

Ronald began firing arrows what kep bouncing off Karkinos' armour but was pushing him back. It screamed and sent a claw at Annabeth what caught on the shoulder ... and it drew blood. Sapphire rushed over and swiped desperatly to ward the beast back while Ronald lured it closer to its (hopefully), demise. 

"Annabeth are you okay?" Sapphire said, determined to help her.

"Yes, justward Karkinos off." She said, her grey eyes examining her injured shoulder. With that, she slumped off to find something to pressure the wond. 

Karkinos was nere the fire hydrants on the street, now. Percy looked like he was concentraiting with all his might one of the fire hydrants burst open and created little water: it spilled up and Percy cried out in determination ... but as he did so the water got bigger and more powerful, knocking the creature down.

Karkinos' belly was exposed. Percy slumped to the floor to support Annabeth and Rily got ready to fire. The arrow flew straight at Karkinos' belly. Sadly, Karkinos grabbed the arrow with a pincer and snapped it. That. Was. It. Sapphire wanted this thing to explode and die and ... Sapphire wanted for it to go flying, Sapphire wanted it to go! Suddendly the fire hydrant burst open from behind Karkinos and the beast went flying into an electric cable what lined the streets. It made the birds (what were leisurely sitting on there, probably talking about the weather) fly away. Karkinos exploded to dust what fell down onto all of us. Grover, who had been trying to keep the weeds under controll after a bad placed "Thriller!" note had finally came back, beaming. "Yay we did it!"

Chapter 5: Rainbows in the back seat and strangling grape vines! Edit

Sapphire and Ronald sat in the back of Percy's car. Grover, now exposing two furry goat legs and hooves sat between the two and Percy and Annabeth sat in the front.

"Are you aloud to take us away from our homes?" Ronald asked.

"Well, yes - and no. You see, we're going to contact your parents as soon as we exit New York. Okay?" Annabeth said before she snatched up the laptop in the duffle bag. We zoomed past the city and into a collection of fields and dirt tracks. There was no people around and nothing to do. Sapphire gazed out of the car ... don't ask her what care because it looked just like a red convertable. 

"Can we call our parents now, please?" Me and Ronald snapped. Annabeth stopped being absorbed into the laptop long enough to notice us. "Umm, yes. Percy, can you pass be a golden drachma?" Sapphire knew what a drachma was. She didn't know why this Annabeth person with grey eyes wanted it, though. Annabeth looked through the duffle bag and brought out an item was resembled a blow horn: it was purple and green accros the bottom and sprouted a bronze horn and a big red button on the back. Annabeth pressed the button and a little rainbow shout out. A real, (canned?) rainbow! She threw Percy's golden drachma into the fog and said: "Reegan Breeze, New York." Sapphire's mum appeared in the picture. She wore  bright blue dress with matching shoes and a bag of tissues on her lap, noticing Sapphires "abduction" no doubt. "MUM!" Sapphire shouted, "call the police!" Her mum just shook her head sadly. "Hon- honey, the monsters will get you. I can't let that happen. It's-  it's real. All of it, honey. I - I can't ...

The doorbell rang and Ronald's Mum walked in. She, too, was sobbing like a waterfall. It's real. All of it. Mum must have meant ...the stories ... the crab the mythology it made sense. It was actually Karkinos! Not some myth. Incredible. 

"They will take you somewhere safe from harm ... I promise you that. Goodbye, sweety."

The car swerved into a strawberry field. They were on Long Island near a beach and a giant Oak Tree with a Dragon curled around it. On the lowst branch hung a golden fleece ... the golden fleece, probably. They started to walk through the field.

"All of this is real ..." Ronald muttered to himself. "Awesome."

"Well, the camp director is Dionysus --" Percy started.

"-WAIT! The wine dude ---" Ronald began ... but the strawberry plants swayed and lashed at us four. Grapevines sprouted from all over, grabbing our ankles and wrists pulling us apart and lashing us against each other. Suddendly a man appeared in a leopard warm up suit and said, in a very creepy tone:

"What. Was. That?"

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